Heroic Antorus Clear - Ahead of the Curve!

Korsen aCommander posted May 21, 18

Coven down!

Korsen aCommander posted May 13, 18

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here! Well done, Aux!

Coven down!

Heroic Kin'garoth and Varimathras down!

Korsen aCommander posted Apr 16, 18

Well done this weekend! Heroic Kin and Vari down to bring us to 8/11!  AOTC is just over the Horizon!

Over the hump!

Korsen aCommander posted Apr 9, 18

With kills on Heroic Portal Keeper and Immonar, we're working on the downhill of Heroic Antorus and are 6/11 down!  Not bad for our first weekend focusing on it (which wasn't a fully focused weekend). Onward to AOTC!

Normal Clear!

Korsen aCommander posted Feb 19, 18

Fantastic job this week, everyone!  DPS has come up (due to your hard work) and the bosses of normal Antorus have been brought down!  Now onto more "Heroic" endeavors (and we're already two bosses down in Heroic)!

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